Pledging Online

You've made your ONERUN Online account and are finally ready to start submitting your pledges online. Yay! You've done the tough work already and now all you have to do is raise your minimum pledge amount.

There are two ways to receive a pledge online. (1) Via your team page; and, (2) Via your personal page. Both pages count as donations to your run, but you must ensure that money designated to you is direct to you to ensure your t-shirt and pledge completion. 

If you have any questions about pledging, please feel free to chat with us via the Drift chat, or via our support mailbox at

1. Via Your Team Page

When you register for any onerun school event you will be prompted to "Join a Team" or "Create a Team" if you're the team captain and need to make a team, click here for a walkthrough, but you will need to select "Create a Team" to make a new team pledge page. 

For everyone other than captains you will click "Join a Team" which will then walk you through the online registration process. Once you have registered online, you will be brought to your team's page (see below).

This is what your team's page will look like. It explains key details about your account and is where you can see your team's progress as your team starts their pledges online. 

In blue, you can see that the team captain is "Sean Cornelius".

In orange, you can see that the total number of team members is 7, which if you click on this button, we can see who each member is and how much each member has raised.

In red, we can see the team's progress for the total amount raised based on the team's goal. As pledges are completed, the pink bar will fill.

Furthermore, you can also direct people to donate to your team to help support your team's pledge. They can do this by clicking on the pink "DONATE" button highlighted in green. Additionally, you can direct team members to join via your school's home page (see above) or by having them click "JOIN TEAM" highlighted in orange from your team's dashboard.

2. Via Your Personal Pledge Page

Every person on a team will have their own personal pledge page where you can monitor your running total to completing your pledge online. As such, you can see who has donated to you and monitor your amount leading up until your school's pledge deadline.

This is what your personal page (the top of it) will look like. We can see that $0 has been raised for this account. To start your pledge, click on the pink "DONATE" button.

This is what your pledge payment form will look like. Notice that the details say "Sean Cornelius" and not the team that Sean Cornelius is on. If this says a team name, your funds will be directed to the team, not the person on the team. To complete your pledge successfully you must send your funds to your personal page as they will also count on your team's total pledge amount. This is highlighted in the orange box. 

In the red box, is the total $ amount that you are submitting for the person. When you change the dollar amount, the pink bar will change depending on how close the person is from completing their pledge. You can also choose one-time pledges or monthly.

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